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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It has been a while!

I have been absent for a week or two. End of the school term, preparing students for the HSC and the big Christening has kept me away from the computer and blog world.

Sewing myself silly has been not quite the focus but I have been sewing away.I have had the two Christening gowns to get done - the boys looked lovely. The dresses and jackets were simple but effective. The main thing is that my daughter liked them.
Fraser on the right and Oscar on the left. The gowns are white lawn lined with blue poplin. They have a line of white cotton heirloom lace down the centre front. The little kimono jackets are hand sewn and lined and have the lace down each side of the front edge. Little Oscar had to have the XXS size cut down even further. The boys were perfect on the day.

So finally home again from the trip out west to see the grandchildren. Had a lovely time cuddling my granddaughter and taking her her babushka quilt and pretty tee shirts.

I have finally got some time to do some catch up sewing and get back to my project. I finally finished a quilt I have been making for some time. It was a cut and slash block made out of a layer cake I made myself of Kaffe Fassat and other fabrics from my stash. I used black strips to create a stained glass look to the finished quilt. The quilt is heavily machine quilted with lime green wavy lines about 2-3 cm apart over the blocks. The black sashes are machine embroidered with glossy black vines. Many of the blocks feature detailed embroidery echoing the crazy patch feel of the quilt. I finished putting on the bindings yesterday ending a two year project. Nice to get back to the project..

This quilt will go to daughter number two to add to her collection. I am still making her bed quilt for the new flat but have run out of fabric and have to get more before I can finish. Might be a few weeks. I am happy to see this quilt finished; it looks lovely on the bed.

So, what should I get to today. I have three more days of school holidays and as I finished all the school work and marking in the first week I can now get a little stitching done. I have a stained glass crazy patch wall quilt to take out of a frame. I rent now so cannot hand it anywhere so have decided to pick up my plans to recycle the quilt from the frame and back and bind it. It is a favourite piece of mine. Made some ten years ago and has been carried around as a framed image for years and never hung. So that is today's project. Features some of my favourite fabrics ever. I will post a before and after pic.

I also have a wonderful yellow and black quilt to finish which is a strippy looking quilt. I will try and get back to that this week. Might get finished if I am snappy. Have a day out on Friday to spend with my girl so no sewing then but the weekend looms and as it is my last weekend before the rush of HSC and the final very busy term of the year I am going to have to put myself under some pressure to get through the last items to meet my goal of 100 in 100.

Hopefully be back tonight with more.

To keep up the tally:

100 - 7 - 1 - 2 - 3 -1 - 3 -1-0-7 -1 -3 -10 -1 -1- 1 - 1= 57 UFOs left to do with just 54 days left!!!!!