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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Wind Whistles

Finally I can get back and visit my blog - what a long long week.

Had a teacher thing on Monday and Tuesday so was away from home - no sewing. Disastrous. After so many days of sewing I missed the relaxation.  I was back Tuesday night but the agent selling my house ( I rent) did a fuss about the house not being to her 'standard'. I think that means she wants me to clean professionally so she doesn't have to charge the owners - upshot - the rest of the week was doing spring cleaning- stuff I usually only do in the school holidays. Imagine me, 50, 5ft 2inches, in the dark, with a  torch and the hose washing the outside walls because the agent saw a cobweb - dear lord!!!!!!!!!  I was not happy - wet, soggy shoes, cold, miserable and cranky! Anyway, I finally got the place super scrubbed and should be able to keep the twit agent off my back - we had a 'meeting' today where I was very clear about the rights of the tenant to live in the home they pay a lot of money for- let's hope they got the message. Put on my teacher voice and went for the jugular - cannot stand tarty little real estate agents who are nothing more than checkout chicks in cheap coats. Sorry of you are a real esate agent out there but this one is the tarty kind.

Enough of the rave. I finally got back to some sewing today. so thrilled. Managed to get two tee shorts embroidered and hand appliqued a hoot cushion.

Love this little mumma and baby hoot. Buttonhole embroidery is in pink. Pink stitching around the neckline. This tee is a size 00.

Three little hooties all in a row. Size OO

This hootie cushion is a velvet feel plush fabric with orange floral spot. Hand stitched applique owl on a branch. Sooo cuddly.

So I have finished three items today. Thank goodness I was ahead before having this last five days with no work to add.

Need to get the count back on - where were we?

O last post was

100 - 7 - 1 - 2 - 3 -1 - 3 -1-0-7 -1 = 74

This post -

100 - 7 - 1 - 2 - 3 -1 - 3 -1-0-7 -1 -3 =71

Days left:

30 days has September minus 4 so 26 +31 +30 =87  days to go.

Not so bad - thought I was going to be really behind.

Tomorrow I will have to get stuck into some bigger stuff - hard when I have to keep the house ready for inspections all the time but will just have to pack everything away every night.

Will be back online tomorrow night with something new finished and some more tee shirts done.

Ta ta!

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