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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Day Another Dollar Another Finished ITEM!!!!!!!

They laughed at me when I started but I have stuck to this for four days now. Just home and ready to being. had the chocolate rush and can get on with a stitch or two.

So what should it be tonight?

I stopped in at the thrift shop on the way home and bought them out of vintage doilies- I did say I would confess about purchases - sort of think these are justified as they are recycling and will be an aid to finishing off some more flying hoots.

Stitching those would be fun but would not be a finish as I have no more stuffing - forgot to buy some - oops, more purchasing - this is going to be an expensive 100 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Might get the blackbird cushion done though. Applique and stitch and embroider perhaps. And I think I should set myself the task of buttonholing another tee shirt for the tweeny tiny twinnies collection.

Be back soon I hope with pics.

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