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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sew satisfying a day!

What I got done today so far - between talking and singing with my 21 month old granddaugher on MSN!

I finished this tote today. I have had the fabric, a wonderful retro curtain, for about twenty years. Bought some beautiful mustard colour wool felt to make the handle. The handle is all hand stitched with detail in red and grey. The flower is wool felt and hand embroidered.

This is the reverse side of the tote - can be used both ways. This fabric was a purchase from Hancocks Paducah last year. It has been sitting waiting to be made into something beautiful. The inside of the handle is made from a very nice acrylic worsted grey felt from Addicted to Fabric in Canberra. I was a regular customer once I found the store while living at Canberra Hospital  for four weeks with my daughter and granddaughter when her twin boys were born.
Here is the first of the tops I appliqued for Rory today. her mumma loves loves loves Babushka anything. I purchased this babushka in a set of pre-cut and pre-fused pack from Applique Heaven on etsy.
Pretty mint green. Should go well with Rory's red hair. Love this babushka. Also from Applique heaven.
Twinny skivvies for twinny tweeny grandsons. Little hoots are the theme of their world.
This outfit is gorgeous. Little tiny babushkas. One placed on the hemline of the tights and three slightly larger ones on a pretty pink tee. Rory will love this - her mumma more.

I finally finished stitching around this birdie today. He is black and white felt with patchwork fabric applique on his wing and tail. I purchased some beautiful new fabric ( see below) from Steph's Patchwork in Moruya which inspired me to draft up the design for the bird. I may or may not applique the bird to black felt or may choose a patchwork fabric such as black and white spots etc. So this one is an ongoing UFO. I want to make into a cushion and make a few more with embroidered bird cages to echo the fabric.
Just love this fabric from Steph's.

This gorgeous little owl has been sitting in an unfinished state for two weeks. He is made from a lovely mauve retro fabric from somewhere- have had the material for a fair while. I cut him, along with twenty other owls out a few weeks ago. I finally embroidered the eyes and sewed on the beak yesterday and then went to the Op Shop to find some old doilies for his wings. I haven't made any previous owls with wings - see my What a Hoot facebook page for the hoots I have been making up until now . This owl is extra cute. wonder when I will get around to stuffing him - I hate the stuffing part!
Likewise I sewed this cute little black and white owl together today. he has been cut out for a while. He also has a vintage doily for trim. Stuff stuff stuff to do!
And finally... three little hooters, girly hoots. These all need stuffing as well. Maybe we can visit them again next weekend when they are all stuffed and trimmed and can join the family already sitting on the armchair.
The family awaiting homes.

So what is next.
Well... apart from the stuffing to be done I have ironed on appliques of little hoots to 15 tee shirts ranging from 000 to 0. These will add to my What a Hoot range to sell at the markets or for my daughter to sell/give to her friends. I also have the bird to finish and some ric rac needs to be sewn as trim on the floor quilt for my new grand baby due in November to my son and his wife. I also should get working on the quilt I have been making for my youngest daughter now at uni. The one I made for her when she first went does not match the decor of her new apartment so sew sew sew... mummy will make a new one.

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