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Friday, August 27, 2010

The First Night Off!

Well good day to you all committed followers of the blog - all two of you!

As you will have noticed, or perhaps not, I did not post last night- nor did I finish any items last night - I am most disappointed with myself- had all good intentions.

I did, however, have a lime and soda with a mate after work and dinner with another which, for those of you who know how much I hate cooking and how much I rely on chocolate as my only food source, was yum. Spaghetti bolognese never tasted so good.

My staple diet for the last week has been chocolate cake and ice cream so a lovely change - not that I am complaining about the chocolate cake and ice cream, in fact, mourning that there is not much left and I will have to restock.

So today I must get back into my UFO projects. The day is somewhat hampered by the fact that the house I am renting is up for sale and I have to put  everything away for Open House this afternoon. :-(
Not only will I have to spend ages finding all the bits in the unpacking process ( I have had to pack up machine, fabric, threads, everything), I cannot spend any time sewing until the open house is over to ensure I make no more mess.

I do have to admit that seeing the house sparkling clean ( well perhaps not sparkling but definitely an improvement on dust bunnies and thread scraps and felt droppings of an hour or two ago) is rather nice.

So, school work may be the option for the morning and then a trip to school this afternoon to get the next week ready and running. Then home to begin again pulling out my bits and bobs.

The weekend plan is to:

  1. Bind a huge Kaffe Fassat inspired crazy patch, machine embroidered quilt that has been sitting waiting since April.
  2. Sew some vintage doily wings on and finish six owls - might even get started finishing the big hoot cushions I have had cut out for  a while from gorgeous flannels.
  3. Buttonhole the appliques and finish eight hoot baby tee shirts - all the rest of the 000s and the 00s.
  4. Make a spring flower birdy cushion similar to the black one on the blog using up some of the overflowing scrap bag
  5. Embroider more felt flowers, make a brooch cushion and maybe make some hair ties  and finish a bag of scarves I have had for a while - bought the elastics, scarves and threads ages and ages ago, topped up on felt flowers from Stephs yesterday - by the way, very proud of myself, only spent - well that is all I should confess - I spent - but anyway, have a broader range of flower colours to finish off my scarves - six of them which need three flowers at least so embroider 18 or so flowers..
 Mmmmmmmm Well there are plenty of other things I should do but that might be it for this weekend as there is so much school stuff to do as well.

My picture for today is one of the quilt on my bed.  Making the bed looks so nice- should do it more than the once a week when I change the sheets, looks so nice but then again, my excuse is that it is upstairs and I don't even go past the door so never see it any other time than when I get out or get in - ahhhhh - I really should be a better person.

Made this quilt over sixteen years ago. The bindings are till only tacked on which is a deplorable state of affairs but I just love it on my bed. Made out of scraps, about 150 different fabrics. Love it. Something else I plan to finish as part of this project.
Here's to you having a great Saturday full of love, life, laughter and sewing.

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