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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sew me Silly: Finish one hundred items in 100 days

Welcome to the day that is, the day that starts it all, the day when I think I might be a better person; the day when I begin the finishing off of one hundred things in one hundred days.

I love to sew, to embroider, to pick and nick and tuck and rip.

Mostly I love sewing for my grandchildren - six of them under six and one on the way - designer outfits, appliqué play clothes, dolls and toys.

I love to sew for my daughters and my son- quilts mostly.

I love to sew things to give away - for my friends - bags, scarves, brooches, quilts.

Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, which is the fun of creation.

I want to start a new project ....yes I know, the title of the blog is Finish 100 items in 100 days.

I will try to complete at least one item each day. I will photograph the items and put them online to share.

I have a full time job - English teacher - so life is already pretty busy but I sew each night if I can for down time.

I recently started making little owls for my newborn twin grandsons - now I have a lounge chair full to meet orders and requests from my daughter's friends. I also made a babushka doll last week for my grand daughter and a range of scrapbooking and art collages for her bedroom.

I made a big owl floor quilt for the baby on the way - most items were out of my stash and used up some of my existing materials and pre begun projects. The scrap booking and collage were new- not sure if that is my cup of tea- all those air bubbles.....

So, where do I begin.....

This weekend I went out and purchased tee shirts and tops (I know, new things and new projects but now they need to be finished) for one of my granddaughters - her mumma loves babushka so they are a feature of the appliqué I am hand-stitching on.  Sew - pardon the pun -  I have begin my 100 finished things in 100 days with two tee shirts, a long sleeve top and a pair of leggings, all with babushka appliqués - which by the way I purchased on etsy - already fused on to paper and cut out - saves so much time and don't have to buy huge pieces of fabric and put up with the endless leftovers- which I already have cupboards full of.

So, my rules:

I have to complete at least one item each day. Can be appliqué, embroidery, quilting, toy making collage etc.

I have to use up fabrics from  my stash as far as possible - and have to confess to purchasing new - perhaps the confession will  slow my spending?

I have to finish as many existing UFOs as possible  - and there are many of them- quilt tops, owls that need to be stuffed and embroidered, flowers to embroider and put on to hair bands and elastics; half completed bags, embroideries and cross stitches without purchasing new bits - but can have a splurge or fill in if a matching thread is required.

Can I do it - yes I can - at least that is the intention.

Join with me on my journey. Share your UFO tales and tell me what you think of my bits and pieces. Any advice welcome.

Go and visit my facebook page What a Hoot to see the owls I have made so far.

I shall begin with pics of the items I have finished or worked on today.

I will update the blog each night when I finish each item - or at least show the progress if I don't get it all done.

I can begin today with  seven items - a good head start for those days when I have to mark essays and may not get much stitching done.

Hope to chat with you soon,


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